Our Services

Are you looking to turn yourself into the best version of yourself by following your
true passion? Then you are at the right place!

Our Services

Are you looking to turn yourself into the best version of yourself by following your
true passion? Then you are at the right place! Alon Entertainment is here to cater
to your needs and help you become the next best version of yourself! We will
equip you with skills, mentorship, and guidance to bring out your inner passion
which has been waiting to be ignited! We offer a variety of services for all ages
including, but not limited to Acting Classes, Play Writing technics, Talent
Management, Play Write, Director, Script Reading, Stage Management and Story

Our team of experts hold a wealth of knowledge in all areas of production and are
skilled in major areas of theatre. If you are looking for a sign to follow your heart,
let this be it and join us on the journey to explore and unravel your true you!

Acting Lessons

“The art of acting is that the gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.”
Do you believe you have a burning passion for acting but just need some extra
guidance? Then ALON Entertainment is the place for you. We offer acting classes
for ages 4-17 and 18-99 because we know no age limit should define your
capabilities or your willingness to explore your passion. We also, proudly declare
that we will guide you by providing classes in not just stage acting, but also in
moves and commercials. We are devoted to our craft which helps us come up
with specialized ways that allow us actors to grow. This is why we came up with
our specialized package which allows actors to complete hands-on courses. Once
the courses are complete, actors can display their learnings and new skills, to
family and friends. This display will be an asset with moving forward in your
acting career.

Talent Management

You deserve the opportunity to showcase your talent to others. After all, what drives an artist is a critique or the praise of the audience. This is where we play our role.  Alon Entertainment will help you establish a fruitful career in acting by being not just your talent counselor, but also your casting agent. We’ll put you in contact with any audition opportunities which we feel may fit your skill set.  We are also available to handle casting for your project. We have a pool of talent including Acting Coaches, Actors/Actresses, Stage Assistants, Script Readers, Sound Technicians, Music Directors, Background Vocals, Production Technicians, and Extras. We assure all of these individuals will set you on the right path toward success.

Playwright / Story Transition

ALON Entertainment offers opportunities to bring your story to life. We understand it’s not easy to cultivate the best pieces of writings, which is why we have a team of professionals who will take your journey and turn it into a flawless story that you may deliver on the stage or in movies. Being a writer comes with extraordinary creativity. We make sure that you fully make use of your talent, and eloquently embellish it with your creativity. Thus, providing an exceptional opportunity for you to share your story and see it come to life..